Bizarre case of child abuse in US as boy forced to eat noodles and stare at the wall

Disturbing details have emerged in the case of a man and woman who physically abused a 14-year-old boy via a series of bizarre punishments.

Buford Whisenant and Jennifer Nash, from Wichita Falls in the US, forced the boy to eat only ramen noodles and beat him if he stopped staring at a line of duct tape in the wall.

The relationship between the adults and the 14-year-old has not been disclosed.

The incidents occurred in Texas in 2016, but new details have emerged after Whisenant was released from jail and then violated his probation for alleged use of methamphetamine and marijuana.

He has since been sent back to jail, according to Wichita County Sheriff’s Office.

Cans of peas

The pair made the child stand up and stare at a line of duct tape stuck to the wall, repeatedly raising his arms up and down while holding cans of peas.

He was also forced to do squats and push-ups.

If he looked away from the line or stopped doing the physical activities, he was shot with airsoft pellets or hit with a soap bar inside a pillowcase.

Buford Whisenant, left, and Jennifer Nash. Credit: Wichita County Jail

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