Best diet to lose weight is McDonald’s says US woman who shed 38kg

One woman has put her incredible 39kg weight loss down to eating McDonald’s almost every day of the week.

She claims their easily accessible nutritional information makes it simple for her to track her calories.

Speech-language pathologist Karina Villarreal from Raymondville, Texas, USA, started to gain weight when she reached her twenties.

Rushing into a toxic relationship after a previous long-term relationship broke down, the 26-year-old battled depression and anxiety and used food as a way to cope with her negative feelings.

At her heaviest in 2019, Karina tipped the scales at 111kg and struggled to fit into size 20 clothing.

Believing that the numbness and tingling she felt in her toes was a sign of her being pre-diabetic, Karina knew she had to lose weight fast in order to save her physical and mental well-being.

Ditching her ex-boyfriend and the huge plates of carbs and snacks she was eating, Karina headed to the local high school running track to start her training.

Initially, Karina found it impossible to jog for more than a few metres at a time and her feet cramped for days after exercising.

However, Karina battled through the pain and worked out four times per week in order to shift the kilograms.

At her heaviest, she was worried that she was developing diabetes. Credit: / @karone_/ / @karone_

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