Behind the Walls podcast: How prisoners are asking to be sent to Supermax to move up the inmate hierarchy

Behind bars, status is extremely important. Some criminals are even asking to be sent to Australia’s most secure prison, Supermax, to move up the inmate hierarchy, a new podcast has revealed.

The six-part Behind the Walls is a ground-breaking podcast series, which for the first time takes listeners on an insider’s journey into NSW prisons and parole offices.

The second episode, Security, which will be released this week, sees Custodial director Craig Smith speak openly about the prison hierarchy.

He said inmates who were behaving badly in other prisons often asked to be sent to Supermax.

“Supermax is to house the worst of the worst: it’s terrorists, people that have means and ways to escape, get out, hurt and intimidate,” Smith said.

Behind the Walls host Michael Duffy said the attitude was perplexing given Supermax’s regimented day for the 50 inmates who currently call it home. Credit: Corrective Services

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