Baby boy given second chance at life after craniosynostosis surgery

A baby boy who was born with a severe deformity has undergone life-saving surgery to remove bones in his skull and re-shape them.

Flex Dan was born with an extreme form of craniosynostosis, meaning bones in his head were fused together, leaving no space for his brain to grow.

Craniofacial Surgeon Dr Michael Rtshiladze said the Flex’s condition was unique.

“Normally the bones in a baby’s skull can move and grow and separate as the child’s brain develops,” Dr Rtshiladze said.

“Flex had a very extreme form of that condition.

“It certainly meant there was not much room at all for his growing and developing brain.”

Flex was born with a severe deformity. Credit: 7NEWS
The deformity meant Flex's brain had little room to grow.
The deformity meant Flex’s brain had little room to grow. Credit: 7NEWS

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