Australian kelpie sells for national working dog record of $35,200

From the get-go, Sarah and David Lee knew there was something special about two-year-old kelpie Hoover.

“He really connects with you. He’ full of energy and life,” Sarah said.

But his “quirky” and “goofy” personality aside, Hoover is an exception working dog.

“It’s his understanding of how to read his stock,” David Lee told 7NEWS.

“He knows where to be and how much pressure to put on his stock.

“Most dogs take a long time to get that feel. He had just had it from day dot.

Hoover, the record-breaking dog. Credit: Sarah Lee

“He’s just got a fantastic feel. He’s quite a character to go with it.”

The Victorian farmers were in “disbelief” when Hoover smashed the Australian record for the price of a working dog.

Hoover sold for a staggering $35,200 at the Australian Premier Working Dog Auction on Sunday, to an anonymous buyer.

That eclipses the previous record, set by a 2.5-year-old kelpie in New South Wales which went for $25,000.

It falls just shy of the world record, reportedly held by a 2.5 year-old collie from the UK which sold for $A37,000.

“He’s been a pleasure to train and to have him. It’s been fun times,” David Lee said.

“It’s nice to get a little bit back. A lot goes into it. It’s a team effort.”

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