Australian family in Hong Kong can’t return due to international arrival cap

John Morris, his wife Leonie and daughter Ella are among about 35,700 Australians living abroad, and desperate to come home – but they can’t.

Strict quotas and sky-high prices have left the family trapped.

The family-of-three has lived in Hong Kong since John was first employed as a pilot by Cathay Dragon Airways in May, 2001.

On October 21, he was one of more than 8000 employees to lose their jobs, as Cathay Pacific shut down its regional airline unit following a decline in air travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leonie works as a counsellor, while Ella, 17, is completing her final years of schooling.

The family had originally planned to return home in 2022, and – with their daughter’s interests in mind – had settled on a permanent move to Western Australia.

John Morris, his wife Leonie and daughter Ella. Credit: Supplied

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