Aussie mum’s genius hack for keeping chopped lettuce fresh for FIVE days

An Aussie mum has shared her very savvy hack for keeping shredded lettuce fresh for as long as five days.

Sharing on a popular Facebook page, Holly revealed how she follows a simple process using common kitchen items to make her lettuce last much longer.

She simply keeps the chopped lettuce in a container, covers it with water and tops it with a paper towel.

“For mums that don’t know this trick … it’s a game changer!” Holly wrote on the Mums Who Cook & Bake page.

“Shredded lettuce covered in cold water and then paper towels on top. Change paper towels daily.”

Holly shared images of some lettuce she had shredded five days earlier and stored using the method.

Holly suggests placing the shredded lettuce in a container with water and then topping it with paper towel. Credit: Mums Who Cook & Bake/Facebook

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