Apple iPhone 12 users report significant issue with 4G and 5G

Thousands of Apple iPhone users have reported a common issue with accessing 4G and 5G networks on their smartphones.

Tech enthusiasts who have already upgraded to the new iPhone 12 have reportedly noticed reception on their phone drops out for no reason.

More than 500 iPhone 12 users have reached out to Apple’s official support communities online in regards to the issue, 9to5Mac reports.

“I drop service randomly in areas that should have the strongest signal (driving through a big city),” one person wrote of the issue on Apple’s support thread.

“I always had service in these areas with my iPhone XR. It’s very frustrating and I usually have to turn the phone off and back on to get it to recover the service.

“I did have an issue with my XR where it wouldn’t recover signal after losing it, but I was in a bad service area. This is way worse.”

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