Already COVID-free, Palau could become the first in the world to be fully vaccinated

A cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean is one of the few places on Earth entirely free from COVID-19.

Now, it could become one of the first countries to be entirely vaccinated against the disease.

The Republic of Palau, an archipelago home to about 18,000 people, received its first shipment of the vaccine developed by US pharmaceutical company Moderna on Saturday.

Vaccinations started the next day, Palau’s Ministry of Health announced on Twitter.

The first shipment included 2,800 doses of the vaccine, which will be administered in two shots, 28 days apart.

Health care workers, key officials and vulnerable groups will be among the first to receive the vaccine, according to the ministry’s statement.


To date, Palau has not recorded a single coronavirus case or virus-related death, according to the World Health Organization.

In January, as the virus began to spread across Asia and the Pacific, Palau was among the first to implement stricter border controls.

Health workers give Palau citizens their first dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. Credit: CNN

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